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  • Chris Young
    Chris Young • 1 year ago

    Me too...people seem to forget guys do it too

  • Ashley Zara
    Ashley Zara • 8 weeks ago

    @ChrisYoung and @AutumnBacon I don't know you or your problems or the terrible pain that you are going through but what I know is that you are PERFECT.You're what the definition of wonderful means. And if someone tries to make you feel or believe otherwise, know that they're jealous. Cause they're not you. And they'll never be.Just have a little faith,a little bit of hope cause you need to show the world how amazing you are.

  • Katya Solis
    Katya Solis • 6 weeks ago

    yea that's very true

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as you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last breath. appreciate what you have.

So true. Be ok to sit with your suffering. It will make you grow faster than anything else. It's Biblical.

how to help a self harmer<<< Everyone needs to pin this to their most popular board, please!! This can help save so many lives!!!!

  • Gisele

    All this is true.... The love, the help, is needed, especially for me.

It doesn't just go away... You may go weeks, months without a tear, but some days, the walls come crashing down and the tears need to flow. It's been nearly 6 years for me and I still cry...

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Some times we all need a day like this.

  • Heather Love


  • Michelle Correia

    Had one of those days today.....

  • Betty Hodge

    Have days like this sometimes! I get upset with myself for not accomplishing things

  • Heather Love

    Think we all do, however sometimes it's just good to kick off our shoes and just be....

  • Michelle Correia

    I so agree Heather!!! Sometimes just "be"-ing, to regroup, relax and renew, is good for the heart, mind, and spirit....

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I AM TIRED OF THIS... tired of all my sadness tears... I just wanna feel like me n be happy again...

I do not think it possible to "live a happy life" once one loses a child or children. I think one can feel happy, however it is always veiled in the sorrow of burying your child. Glimpses of happiness are the best I get.~~Bethany's Mom, Suzanne V. Morgan

  • Joann Caravello-Modica

    I lost my son almost 2 years ago- a day hasn't passed that I haven't cried... Yes- there are times that I feel happy but it's a thin happy... I feel that the fullness of "happy" has left me.

  • Suzanne V Morgan

    Indeed, the fullness of happy is but a distant memory. I am sorry you lost your son. What is his name?

  • Joann Caravello-Modica

    Hi Suzanne, his name was John- I have made a Board "In Memory of John-John" for him- He was 27 when he chose to leave this life- Wishing you more glimpses of that "full happy" :)

  • Jessica Snodgrass

    So sweet JOann

.To all the Gemini followers, is this you too? I saw this and I had to step away from the computer. This is "it". This is me. Thoughts are in overdrive, constantly. It never ends. Curious if it's really a Gemini thing.

  • Liv


  • Lieze Delplace

    This is so true, and really hard! I don't want to overthink, it literally sickens me when I do it. It makes me look like I can't deal with stress, but I know I can, just can't when it's about love or family. That can really bring me down, I can feel my heart breaking when someone I love says something cruel or just doesn't pay attention! Is that a gemini-thing too?

  • Lene Bakke

    Yeah, I´m a gemini too... and my mind is driving me crazy.

  • Maayza

    Yes yes yes!!!

  • Abby Bryant

    Yes. I can never ever ever focus in class!

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Help prevent suicide. Make it a point to tell someone you love that you are there for them.

  • Kt Woodall

    Clearly to each is own. The void of absence out weighs the guilt of what your depression puts them through. Everyone experiences suicide differently; however to voice a callus option based on your personal feelings may deter others from seeking help.

  • Heather Lacy

    I see your point. I would never want to keep someone from seeking help if they are willing to reach out for it. Just wanted to give insight into what could be going on in the mind of someone considering suicide. Sorry if I seemed callus, I was just being truthful.

  • Kt Woodall

    The callus remark was regarding your first comment about this picture being a guilty trip.

  • Heather Lacy

    Yes, I know. You were right, so I deleted it.

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from keri smith. I love her! find her blog at

every one but small cruches. i walk barefoot everywhere, i can go on almost anything(except for, you know, thorns and stuff)

Sometimes.....dark thoughts cloud my mind. I feel depressed; like a shell of a person longing to find what isn't lost and gain what I already have. Then, I look in the mirror, turn away, and die a little more inside. --Anonymous