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    Well... That explains my life and with one cut I cant stop.... It just keeps going..

    Maybe I'll never stop hurting. Maybe I'll never find the right person and marry them..


    Sometimes, i feel alone. And sometimes even my friends make me feel alone. I am happy most of the time, but some days just no. I hate being made fun of, and feeling worthless. since 7th grade i never felt this depressed. My best guy friend is the only one who can help me, hes been through everything and always cares about me. he has such a big heart. and i love him.


    Self harm feelings.

    Sometimes I forget that people suffer from depression, bipolar disorder etc. I imagine it's not easy but hang in there and I hope your good days outweigh your bad days!

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    Hello Everyone this is Olivia's mom, apparently I cannot find her and haven't been able to find her for the past few days. I am still looking for her and if I can't take a moment to read this quote.

    wanna prize?

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    Oh, so know this feeling... and the thing is that this is not true... because I care. And I worry about my feelings, even when - especially when - it feels like no-one else does.

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    self harm quotes

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    Self harm, depression, quotes & things.