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Yeah you would. The black clothes, dyed hair, long sleeves, and tired eyes would probably give it away. But maybe not since no one seems to notice. Or maybe it's just that no one cares.

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Sorry for all the depressing quotes and stuff. They are for a good friend of mine...please read these. you know who you are. stay strong love.

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poems about depression - (I am a silly girl) I will make ♡ sure to say it to the right people from now on.

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this is so true. I will never forget about him because whenever he texted and called me, my face would just light up. Even right now I'm smiling, but saying goodbye was something that I had to do and that I wish I didn't do. Now hes out of my life and I can't help, but stop and think about him. One day, I hope that he knows how much I cared about him and how much he meant to me.

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Thanks Friends

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*Difference Between Self-harm and Suicidal Behavior | Discover the difference between self-harm and suicidal behavior. Then learn about treatment options for self-harm and suicidal behaviors.