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  • Chris Young
    Chris Young • 1 year ago

    Me too...people seem to forget guys do it too

  • Ashley Zara
    Ashley Zara • 15 weeks ago

    @ChrisYoung and @AutumnBacon I don't know you or your problems or the terrible pain that you are going through but what I know is that you are PERFECT.You're what the definition of wonderful means. And if someone tries to make you feel or believe otherwise, know that they're jealous. Cause they're not you. And they'll never be.Just have a little faith,a little bit of hope cause you need to show the world how amazing you are.

  • Katya Solis
    Katya Solis • 13 weeks ago

    yea that's very true

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no. what you get sick of is everyone believing you when you say you're "fine"... or "ok"... or "alright".

10. "Something that is all about you" → Everybody calls me "the quiet one", so I obviously love this quote by Stephen Hawking (and I can confirm it is true!) :-) #bareMinerals #READYtowin

First one made me think of Niall...... *sigh* maybe we should help him & tell him it's okay if he likes Barbara... No matter how much it hurts us, he deserves love & happiness. <<< I agree. He's been waiting so long I think he deserves to be happy. He is so amazing and does so much for us. Whatever makes him happy is what we should be supporting. C'mon guys for Niall. Niall Horan

"Isn't it ironic? That the things we do to feel alive are things that can kill us."'s not that hard to understand

So true. Be ok to sit with your suffering. It will make you grow faster than anything else. It's Biblical.

The reason I pinned this is because all these rumors about Hannah started when they started saying Hannah did inappropriate things. Though what really happened was just a kiss, two sides to her story

We're just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide isn't the answer

mental illness is not something that signifies a person. we need some help sometimes, but not treated as though we are broken beings apart from the human race.

Because I give more, love more, feel more, and invest everything into a relationship that is not balanced with appropriate, healthy reciprocity

Suicide awareness. This is beautiful. I'm in tears right now. There is always hope. Chins up, everyone. Life gets better.>>>>> Everyone should read this.

Truth about suicide…No one should try. you are all beautiful and lovely. Don't listen to the haters, for they are just jealous.