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CREAMY - A1084447 - - Brooklyn *TO BE DESTROYED 08/19/16** The only somewhat “good” thing that can be said about the kill lists recently, is that a decent number of cats have been getting second chances, which is a departure from the ACC’s usual “one and done” style. The bad news is always, there is NO TELLING when that luck will run out, so every night MUST be treated as the LAST NIGHT ON EARTH for these cats. Meet a crew of kittens who have

10 Most Tragic Deaths In The History Of Marvel Comics we still don’t actually know how Gwen died. There’s been endless debates ever since the comic was published back in 1973, with most settling on the accepted explanation that the sheer velocity of being hurled from the Brooklyn Bridge was enough to kill her, or that the Goblin had already done the deed before Spidey could get there, ensuring his victory over the hero.