how to upgrade a wall outlet to usb functionality...via apartment therapy

Love the fold-down tablet holder and the under-cabinet lights.

Make Solar Light Deck Decor I would add rope wrapped around the middle to give a real nautical look.

USB Wall Outlet, 10 minute project. I actually did this in our kitchen and have used it ever since.

Slide on brackets for mini-blinds. This helps prevent putting holes in apartment walls for curtains. Genius.

Tech for your tiny house; wall plugs with built in USB charging ports | Bungalow to Go

Gallery Wall. No reason to drill holes in the wall; so easy to move frames around and change the pictures

simply organized: Making The Most of Small Spaces (inside the cabinet - worth a thought)

Pop-out-Outlet; For those of us who don't like the look of outlets. Build into a tiled backsplash & they blend into the design.

Gallery wall patterns

these night light outlet covers use $0.05 of electricity per year and require no additional wiring. would be great for hallways.

note to self .. when building a house use recessed outlets so the furniture can fit flat against the wall and there are no messy cords ... genius!!

heats a room 10 x 25 (250 sq ft.) and also has a timer that can be set to turn the heater on automatically!!! The Wall Outlet Space Heater - Hammacher Schlemmer

How to make an outlet flush with wall -- great to know when installing wood planks, beadboard or tile.

Design your own Wallpaper and easy DIY Wall Murals from

If you ever build or remodel - use recessed outlets so that the plugs don't stick out from the wall. This allows furniture to be flat against the wall. BRILLIANT

Cover up the outlets with Alice-in-Wonderland style doors. | 21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

Found this at Organized Living the other day and LOVE it! Allowed me to do away with the strip next to my bed. Charger with two outlets and two USB ports.

Reduce the amount of wall and ceiling repair that's typically required when adding overhead outlets for new light fixtures by installing crown molding at the same time. We show you how! | Photo: Jamie Salomon/Cornerhouse Stock. Illustration: Jason Lee. |

Have to do this in our bathroom! Step by step instruction on how to paint the countertops to look like granite.

If you have a pedestal sink or wall-mount sink and no cabinets to speak of, there is still hope for you. These RÅGRUND shelves from IKEA are designed to fit around a pedestal sink or the pipe of a wall-mounted sink. - 10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom