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The lovely Jeremy Sumpter! Even cuter now than he was when he played Peter Pan all those years ago. They've gotta get this guy in some more movies, methinks!

Ryan Guzman...aka Jake from PLL >>> holy Jesus I think I might start watching this show

Luke Sheilds, Moriah's little brother, gets involved after he sees Liam get attacked by a shadow after football practice.

Jeremy Sumpter... I always had a crush on Peter Pan as a child, evidentially it never went away.

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Peter Pan's Jeremy Sumpter Finally Grew Up (And Got Really Hot)

Peter Pan's Jeremy Sumpter Finally Grew Up (And Got Really Hot)

Stefano Masciolini character inspiration | The Mirrorcrafter: ALEKSEY IVANOV

My 8 year old daughter is in love with this kid...jeremy sumpter... yes he played peter pan!!

Woohoo! *plops down in chair and rubs hands together* Hey y'all guys out there! Singe Anderson here. So, uh, my author said to say that she's sorry for not being on much and, um...something about having people over this week, but I honestly wasn't paying as much attention as I should have because as soon as I heard the words 'character interview' I was just like... *does fist pump* Drak stole my slot last time 'cause he's a jerk. But it's my turn now! Ladies and gents, bring forth thy…