Night out bra. This, my friends, is genius.

Crazy... Barefoot Running 'Stickers' You go Nike!

Compression Shorts with a Built In Holster for Running at Night.......My husband would be so proud!

lululemon athletica shorts

The Jaclyn Pouch Bra Fuchsia, $35, now featured on Fab.


Genius!!! High heel that converts to a flat once your feet start to hurt



Totally need this sports bra--it has pockets!

practical: NO fabulous: YES

This is absolute genius


Wanna cozy and chic at the same time? just order Ruffled Sleeveless Chiffon Dress from OASAP and make that happen!

Cherry Dress — LAST NIGHT

This bra can hold your favorite beverage such as 6.8 bottles of beer or 3.2 bottles of wine. HAH!

Completely ADORABLE

Hakuna Matata ring


A MUST READ! SHE IS GENIUS! Great site for dressing yourself better...really great. Seriously.

this would make me get a visa card