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microderm lauren conrad method. another pinner says "tried this out, my skin felt and looked amazing". afterwards


Fastest cure for acne…

Skin care

APS: But seriously, this did what 10 years of every skin care product on the market couldn't do for me in a week! Honey, baking soda and cinnamon face mask. Every morning. Brightens, tightens and clears like a mother francis.

DIY Blackhead Removal – REALLY WORKS!!! Wet face with warm water to open pores. Then, mix 1 part baking soda, 1 part toothpaste and 2 parts water in a small dish. Rub on affected area with old toothbrush. Repeat as necessary. Apply everyday before bed…. I've been using this for years it really works

Baking Soda Shampoo; just mix it in with your regular shampoo. Your hair will feel so light and have crazy volume. It removes all the product build up!!

Tips To Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbow- Baking Soda Baking soda is very effective in cleaning the skin and reduces darkening of the skin. Milk bleaches and cleanses the skin Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with milk Apply this paste on knees and elbows and scrub it using circular motion. Repeat the remedy once every two days. Repeat until you notice changes in the color.

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Doctor Oz Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask (PinTutorials)

Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask 1. Mash up 6-12 non-coated aspirins and combine with freshly squeeze lemon juice. 2. Let the aspirin dissolve until it turns into a paste. 3. Apply the mask to your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. 4. Remove the face mask by dipping a cotton round in some baking soda and some water.

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27 DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Use it to get the neatest manicure ever.

Arm & Hammer baking soda + water, apply to face, leave on for 15 minutes each day. See results in two weeks.

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How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes - Naturally!

Completely natural and effective health and beauty tips with baking #soda.,ba98de44-4c8d-afbc-ffd7-e8ba224e518b #NaturalSkinBeauty #SkinCare

Skin brightener. With only 2 simple ingredients, Yogurt and honey, everyone can do this at home

Baking soda and coconut oil face scrub! I love this for my skin. I refuse an old nighttime moisturizer tub (bout 3oz) and make a full bath of the scrub, adding a drop of tea tree oil for bacteria killing benefits. :) my skin is looking pretty again!! Even getting rid of my acne scars as well as the acne itself! :) highly recommended!

HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEETH 'SNOW WHITE' -Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%), and half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Remember to do it once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.