• Nettie Wood

    Giraffe Hotel, South Africa - Now on my bucket list! Would love waking up at a giraffe's good morning salute through my window.


    Giraffe Hotel, Narobi, South Africa. The Giraffe Manor is an elegant, personally hosted, small and exclusive hotel, famous for its resident herd of Rothschild Giraffe. They love to poke their heads in windows and be fed ... or walk in an open door. How awesome is this! ASPEN CREEK TRAVEL - karen@aspencreektravel.com #Giraffe #Manor #hotel #Rothschild #Narobi #Kenya

  • Rainbow Holiday Club

    For the love of wild life -Giraffe Hotel, South Africa... @Rainbowholidayclub #travel @SouthAfrica

  • Amy Wert-Dudley

    Giraffe Hotel, South Africa. OMG! I want to pet a giraffe from my hotel window!

  • emily k

    lol future house, just have a pet giraffe I feed out of my third story window lol nice I want to stay here so freaking badly it's not even funny. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya.

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