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All you need is a flat iron, a spray bottle of water and your favorite color chalk!

DIY Hair chalking - Step Separate hair into small sections. Step Soak a small section of hair with water. Step Apply whichever pastel color you choose, generously. Repeat throughout sections you want. Step Flat iron (or curl) your hair to set the color.

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Halloween Hair Color  Soak colored chalk in water, then add it to your hair. And it's washable.

remember for Halloween: "crazy hair" get colored chalk and soak the chalk in water then add it to your hair. Instant color and washable. Crazy hair nt at Awana.

Crayola chalk.~ No damage & washes out easily

Color your hair with any color chalk pastel in 4 easy steps. Wet hair, twist the hair you want colored, color it with the pastel of your choice. Let hair dry and use brush through to remove excess chalk. MUCH better than spray hair dye!

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I have a sudden urge to dye my tips pink. It'd be easy enough to cut out if I decide I don't like it. [ colored tips tie dye]

Hair chalk tips for temporay hair colour hair chalking hairstyles www.finditforweddings.com

Hair chalk is an easy way to add temporary colour to your Click the image for some great hair chalking tips www.

Lock in pastel colors with a flat iron after chalking!

DIY Hair How Tutorial - You'll need: Soft pastel chalk. We picked this giant set up from a local craft store! A small spray bottle filled with water A flat iron or curling iron Rubber gloves A old towel or t-shirt you don't mind getting color on.

This no-heat headband method will give you loose, beautiful waves in the morning.

No Heat Curl tutorial - I am so trying this! I love my hair curly, but sometime if I just let it dry naturally it does crazy things, so a controlled overnight curl would be awesome. I hope it works!

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Did you ever think of using kool-aid as a dye? me neither. But it totally works. Here are some awesome examples: Kool-aid dye chart for fabr.

Fake a blowout by curling from the ends up using a large-barreled curling iron. | 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Fake a blowout by curling from the ends up using a large barreled curling iron / 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know