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The extremely stylized chimpanzee masks are called mwisi gwa so'o a term that alludes to the "spirit-ivested object of the chimpanzee human" that inhabits the mask. The mwisi gwa so'o masqueraders wear a costume of aniumal skin, barkcloth and the hair of Colobis monkeys. Their raucous dances, performed at funeral and memorial services, reflect Hemba ideas about death and social chaos and stand in diametrical opposition to the otherwise ordered world of the living. (from African Masks from…

Japanese traditional Noh theater 能 Al Musical Theater style dating back to the 13th century. Performers wear stylized masks, and men play all the parts.

The Mask Stone (DR 66) found in Aarhus, Denmark commemorates a battle between two kings and features a stylized depiction of a mask.

Africa | Sawfish headdress (Kaissi) from the Bidjogo people of Bissagos Islands, Guinea Bissau | This old and impressive mask is an elegantly stylized representation of the head of a sawfish, used in the initiation ceremonies

Elements of Japanese armor - samurai helmet with Buffalo horns and protective mask. Sepia. Stylized old photo