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A unit so badly infested there are bedbugs outside the door stuck in a spider web!

You've heard the old rhyme about sleeping tight and do not let the bedbugs bite, but anyone who has ever suffered an invasion of the little bloodsuckers knows it's no laughing matter. If you've had the bad luck to find your bedding infested, consider these 17 natural and... #fal #spr #sum

The bedbugs are so bad in New York, that even their 26-story City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene building is infested. (Insert big government irony here.) So far that one infestation has cost taxpayers only $316 million. By the way, this is the second time that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has been overrun by bedbugs---since the building opened 3 yrs ago.

Where the bed bugs are: Report shows rise in 15 cities

Which Cities have the Worst Bed Bug Problem? Find out here! #bedbugs #worstcities

Main gate at Stalag VIIIA. From the Stalag Luft III website, "All buildings were hopelessly infested with vermin." From a personal POW account online. I met this man in 1996, “The fleas, lice, and bedbugs were really bad here. It was not unusual to find 100 or more bedbugs in one bed...Several fellows had their whole bodies covered with bites. The bites weren’t so bad, but they itched so that one could hardly keep from scratching them. As soon as the bites were opened, infection readily set…

Bed Bugs Are Even Peskier Than We Thought

First comes a mysterious difficulty sleeping through the night, then a splotchy, itchy rash and finally the alarming (and somewhat embarrassing) realization—your bed is infested with Cimex lectularius, the dreaded bed bug. A new study published yesterday in the Journal of Economic Entomology has more bad news for those suffering from an infestation: Over-the-counter products like “foggers” and “bug bombs” do virtually nothing to kill the irritating pests.

~Haven't heard so much about infestations recently, but just in case this becomes a problem for any of us...~