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    Child Abuse

    Child Abuse AWARENESS

    Child Abuse (USA) Infographic

    Stop child abuse!!! Now.

    This is so clever!! Love seeing the human brain at work to come up with good ideas like these 👌🏽

    Sex Trafficking In America

    Fun Psychology facts here!-I'm going to have to pay attention to that. Can't day I remember any clocks in my dreams but I do forget them rather quickly

    90% of Downs Syndrome Pregnancies in 2011 ended in DEATH (ABORTION)

    INFOGRAPHIC: 3 CENTS FOR SEX Children should have the right to live a happy, healthy life. In some areas, a healthy and happy life is not possible.

    My heart just aches for all of these sweet children that go through so many horrible things! You would be surprised at who might be getting abused....perhaps a child close to you...your child's friend -Heather

    Why do people abuse others? Psychology of the abuser offers warning signs

    Emotional abuse through invalidation. If your partner is repeatedly dismissing, mocking, bating, undermining, blaming or making you wrong you are being emotionally abused. #Abuse #abusiverelationship #domesticviolence

    What War on Women? American women killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Domestic abuse.

    Pro life. No baby is a mere "mistake". People make mistakes, not God, and He is the creator of every living creature on earth. He knit us together inside our mother's womb. (Jeremiah 1:5 & Psalm 139:13) I find rest knowing that she is now in the arms of Jesus <3

    Psychology Facts

    "Start that sexism early... #NotBuyingIt @RepresentPledge @Joyce_McFadden you'd appreciate this...unfortunately" via @Katweeta on Twitter

    Child ABUSE

    First steps for domestic violence victims shows how to protect yourself from the effects of abuse. If you've discovered you're in an abusive relationship and feel the pressure to "Just Leave!" but can't bring yourself to do it, that's okay. Your reaction is normal. Take a deep breath & get started on these actions instead. When the actions all come together, you'll feel stronger than ever. You can decide to leave or stay later. (If your life is in danger, you should go now, ask questions later!

    Signs of Child abuse

    I hate when people say there mood is so bipolar. You have no idea what you are talking about. It is a chronic mental illness that is beyond difficult to deal with at times! ~ Bipolar & all mental illnesses are not anyone's fault. They cannot control it. You can just live with it as best you can.