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18 Books That Changed How We Felt About Ourselves As Women

one of the best books worth reading in my opinion. loved this book since my 4th grade teacher read it aloud to the class everyday after lunch.

Perhaps this could work for a scene in which Anna attempts to play the songs that William, her older talented brother, plays on the piano?

"Captivated - the Movie" - a review of the award-winning film on finding freedom in a media captive culture. A must watch for every parent!

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Vintage Railroad Inspired Engagement Shoot

Inspired by This Vintage Railroad Inspired Engagement Shoot | Inspired by This Blog

Dust - Dust is a mutant from Afghanistan. She was taken into captivity by slave traders who planned to sell her off as a mutant slave. When her captors attempted to remove her headdress, she lashed out at them, turning into her dust form and stripping flesh from their bodies. It was Fantomex who initially discovered her to rescue her. Dust can transform into a cloud of sand or dust. In this form she can propel herself through the air at great speeds.

Calico Captive: Elizabeth George Speare, Based on an actual narrative diary published in 1807, Calico Captive skillfully reenacts an absorbing facet of history. n the year 1754, A girl is taken captive during an Indian raid during the French and Indian war... also an audio book. Ages 10+ (use discretion as parents)

Sleight, a short film by IU students Mike Brophy and Ryan Fish, will screen at Indiana University Cinema Saturday February 1, 2014 as part of The 8th Annual Iris Film Festival. 6:30pm Free, but ticketed. "A Young Girl is held captive in the basement of a deranged Magician's house." Ryan is a junior double majoring in Telecom and Communications and Culture. Mike, a senior, is pursuing a recording major in the Jacobs School of Music.

Over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls taken by Boko Haram earlier in 2014 and forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslims (bride price $12.50 a girl). These girls went to a Christian school and most--if not all--of them are Christians.

Luc was born with just one ear, his father constantly berates him, but when he is chosen to become an apprentice to a local fisherman, his life takes a turn for the better. Luc is a natural at sea, and before long he and a teenaged girl form a strong bond. That bond is tested when Luc is taken captive by a band of merciless pirates, and sold into slavery.

Lois Lenski, illustration of little girls sewing. She wrote and illustrated 50 books, including 'Strawberry Girl', 'Prairie School', and 'Indian Captive'. Fabulous!

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