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20 Positive Statements for Your Students Lucky to Be in First FREEBIE

Autism Social Narratives: Getting Adult Attention and Waiting (Special Ed)

Have students who engage in challenging behavior to get attention? This social story set with supporting activity can help your students with autism or behavioral issues. It has sorting expected / unexpected ways of waiting and behavior, a protocol for teaching a student to gain attention and 4 single page and multi-page social stories.

This FREEBIE “Cool or Uncool” Picture Cards can be used to teach younger students to discriminate positive from negative school behaviors. It offers twelve cards depicting young children exhibiting both examples and non-examples of various learning to learn, behavior and social skills within the school setting.

Calm Down Kit 2nd Edition- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for Autism

Breathing visual tool for students with special needs. Help students calm down and regulate breathing with independence.

Class Playlists - Editable Back to School Display

Welcome your students back to school with this fun display! Head on over to my blog, Lucky to Be in First! Slainte!

May I Quote You? Quotes to inspire students

May I Quote You? was designed to motivate students with words of wisdom. Each quote is created on a half sized piece of paper and can be used to display anywhere in your classroom.This collection of 50 quotes can be displayed weekly for students to discuss, as well as reflect upon.

Punctuation Friends

Add this fun display to your classroom to show students punctuation in action! To use, simply print on cardstock, cut & hang on your wall! This file includes:* Comma Kid & speech bubble* Period Kid & speech bubble* Exclamation Kid & speech bubble* Question Mark Kid & speech bubbleEach "kid" comes with two versions: 1 blank & 1 labeled with the type of punctuation.

Phonics Domino Game Bundle

Buy the Whoa Domino Bundle and save!Whoa Dominoes are a great way to practice important phonics skills! This game will help your students master phonics sounds by matching words with pictures. To use, simply print, laminate and let your kids play! These domino games can be played from 1-4 players.