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Take a look at Firefall real world - cosplay by Crystal Graziano - MMORPG News

Firefall display

Carnaval Um cosplay para cair no samba da Sapucaí

Photo of https://www.facebook.com/pages/WastelandPirate/276355519226056 by https://www.facebook.com/bcdavisphotography

The startiling book Satan's top secret book of the Damned", the final apocalypse prophecy journal of Satan's attempt to redeem his fallen angels through humans he will savagly posses with Demons bearing the mark of the Beast!

"You want revenge?" Haydn asked, searching for some sign of the kind girl he had seen what felt like years ago.  "Don't we all?" She answered coldly, refusing to meet his gaze. He couldn't help but miss that girl whom he only had but a fleeting glance of.

Armor black steel custom made- sooner or later I'm gonna need a board for just weapons and armour

There's postapocalyptic Larping out there? Picture from F. - The postapocalyptic Larp - 2013 in Mahlwinkel/Germany

#WASTELAND http://www.markcordory.com/Site/Welcome.html

“Jenny Beaver accepted to dress up a post apocalyptic world, in Mad Max: Fury Road. Won the Oscar to Best Costume Design. Not easy job”

ibgkAXv5uIe06B.png (704×1012)

Galyrian Freelance Republic agent in Ibumic Armor


Titanfall pilot by Hectec Design


bellatorinmachina: Titanfall pilot by Hectec Design

ArtStation - Dark Steel!!, mars ...

Mech-Suit: Dark Steel by Rafael Amarante!

One very nice thing about this time in the production of a game is that a lot of concepts get released.  I can actually show people that I h...

The Art of LD Austin: Brink Characters

game armor에 대한 이미지 검색결과

game armor에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Perry by DirkLoechel.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Another character of mine, low level Shadowrun. A human former gang member and aspiring shadowrunner. Yes, it& Shadowrun again. And another hackjob, cobbled together from Video Game Development Ar.

Элина Корф

The necromantic king. The kings necromancer was his apprentice, and he was betrayed. He has planned his apprentices death for a long time now. And how much torture he would inflict upon him.

Mad Maxine by Grantasaurus Wrecks, via Flickr

Mad Maxine by Grantasaurus Wrecks, via Flickr

Saya by Teruyuki in Tokyo is the Japanese girl taking the internet by storm | Daily Mail Online

Do YOU notice anything unusual about Saya?

rhubarbes: by Teruyuki and Yuka. via ArtStation - Teruyuki and Yuka