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    Microscopic world

    • Amy Sanchez

      Microscopic world - this stuff is so fascinating to me, but why did they have to choose such CREEPY things??? freaking lice, jsdlfkjl;aksjdfoiajwelfknaslkdfjlaskjdf

    • Paula Ramonde

      Electron Microscope images. These would be great in pointing out certain unsanitary practices. Uh hem. ;P

    • Marilyn Batey

      Electron Microscope images - will be great for applied science.

    • Jennifer Pierson

      Each picture has been enlarged 22 million times!

    • Diane Menneke

      Microscopic Images (enlarged 22 million times)

    • Carmelita Torres

      I absolutely love election microscope images.

    • Phil Kunze

      electron microscope photography

    • dwkrakel

      Very interesting.

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    electron microscope images


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