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No evidence for Exodus. Nothing in the Bible is real, nothing happened, GIVE IT UP Christians & other religious people, WAKE THE F*** UP

truth... and yet president carter never seems to get any credit for anything... this is yet another reason why a lot of organized religions (i said a lot, not all people) seem to oppress women. Because they are man's interpretation. President Carter, I applaud you for being a feminist and articulating this so well.

Religion is poisonous. A disease that brainwashes the weak-minded. It is often used to control the misinformed, uneducated masses into submission. Don't be a slave to a hive mind such as religion.


End child abuse with blue Ribbon Small Badge Patch for Biker Vest SB766

My heart just aches for all of these sweet children that go through so many horrible things! You would be surprised at who might be getting abused....perhaps a child close to you...your child's friend -Heather