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    SO true!


    Sometimes that kind of "strong" is actually fear. Sometimes in despair, you give up and become silent. Sometimes you think no one would care if you shouted! Sometimes you feel alone and become alone. Sometimes strenght is asking for a hand, or a heart. Sometimes that is the hardest part.


    Remember! Remember! Remember!

    You try to put your game face on and take steps to as someone told me "be normal again" and some days I think I can do this and then my thoughts go back to my husband being gone and how my heart hurts so bad, and you cant tell no one cause you should be getting better.....every freaking day is still a struggle for me. I just want my Husband back and my life one gets it.

    Life is a party, dress like it


    actions speak louder than words

    been there....done that.


    truer then true

    When you put effort into the relationship, it pays off. No effort, no point. If you feel as though your significant other doesn't care and isn't fighting to keep you. It might be time to let them go.

    Know when to move.

    So me.

    I'm not where I need to be, but Thank God I'm not where I used to be.