Origami Bow Tie Instructions...just gotta figure out how to put the ribbon on & it will be a Great Gift Lei for Grads

Oragami flower for a money tree gift!

FLOWER (origami) FOLDING with MONEY. Wonderful youtube video! Her origami flower is super easy to make and uses 3 bills per flower. Tip: When I need a short piece of wire I remove the paper from a bread twist-tie, using the exposed wire on my project.

How to make money butterflies for graduation leis

Cozy Sweatpant Christmas Gift Basket! Along with the sweatpant, I'd fill the basket with snack foods, homemade candy and cookies.

Video and photo instructions for making money origami trousers. Also check out our origami shirt and dress tutorials

How To Make A Ribbon Lei - YouTube

How-to: Make a Ribbon Lei #Graduation

How to make a flower from 3 bills for a Money Lei or any gift.

ORIGAMI MONEY FLOWERS ~ I had one of these made for my son's birthday and he LOVED it! Now here is the instructions to make it myself. ♥

Graduation Money Lei Instructions - Bing Images

DIY Lei : How To Make A Money Lei Necklace

DIY Graduation Money Lei. I have been looking for a bead necklace long enough to do this with, this is a much cuter idea! :^}

Money Origami Dress: Dollar Bill Folding Instructions Video and pics ... again, another fun way to give a cash gift, perhaps wrapped in a dress size box for fun.

Braided Four Strand Ribbon Lei Tutorial

Butterfly money lei :) I wish I knew how to make this for my daughter Nellie's graduation. I love butterflies

Think I'll make a $ lei like this- college graduate

Red ginger ribbon lei

DIY Ribbon Lei