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Organelle contact sites: Intracellular communication and role in disease

Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells. The researchers' goal is Fantastic Voyage-style medicine, where nanomotors would cruise around inside the body, communicating with each other and performing various kinds of diagnoses and therapy

Bioengineers introduce 'Bi-Fi' -- The biological 'Internet'

Bioengineers have created a biological mechanism to send genetic messages from cell to cell -- something they've nicknamed the biological Internet, or "Bi-Fi." (Credit: iStockphoto/VOLODYMYR GRINKO)

Light in the brain is critical for learning, wakefulness, sleep, mood, hormonal regulation and maintenance of the circadian clock.

Does DNA Emit Light? Biochemists prove photons are emitted from living cells and that light creates electromagnetic fields that enable intracellular communication.

A protective response of cells to infection, inflammation involves the coordinated communication among different immune cells through an intricate cascade of molecular signals.