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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Essential oils have changed my life. I use them to support my family and my own health, I have shared them with my friends and I have created a business from them. They have allowed me to travel the world and create new friends in literally every state in the US and friends all across the world. It has allowed me to impact the lives of so many people through charities and with working with them.

I have had the post incredible weekend here with The Most Powerful Women. This business, these people - have changed my life. I'm so grateful for all of my friends and family living this incredible dream with me. I hope you are all getting out of your way and realizing that you too, can make anything you want happen. It's just a matter of believing in yourself. #thisaintnodressrehearsal.

Whatever your passion, throw yourself into it! mine is my family, my business and so much more! Discover yours and let me help you pursue it. Hayley Hobson Essential Oils

FOCUS ON YOUR DREAMS and WHAT YOU WANT! I am sitting here on the beach in the Dominican Republic with my family and living my dream. It wasn't always like that though. I spent many hours in front of my computer missing out on working out, missing out on family time and having a non-existent social life. But I had a goal and prize on my mind. I didn't complain and moan about how much work it was or how tough it was...NO! I focused the whole time on my life vision and dream life.

I LOVE traveling, but MAN did I miss this kid! Spent the day catching up with the family yesterday, and may have to break out the play dough for a little mommy & me time tonight! Hayley Hobson Essential Oils

So this is probably the best gift I have ever given myself. Better than a vacation. Better than the new car I bought last year. Better than anything I've ever done. The way I am learning to look at thoughts for what they are - just THOUGHTS - has been life changing. In every aspect. We walk around in a subconscious world 90% of the time. We don't even know what we are feeling. We believe the way we feel is because of our situation or circumstance.