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australian aboriginal totem poles | Malarra and Wolkpuy-Murrungun people

In ‘Earth,’ the Work of Ceramic Artists Is Displayed

Dans «Terre», les travaux de céramique Artistes est affiché - Le New York Times

Colleen Wallace Nungari: Dreamtime Sisters Australian aboriginal art

so much texture! but only can be made as big as the kiln will hold! Samantha Dickie

CARVED TOTEMS by Robyn Gordon

Aboriginal Memorial of 200 painted tree trunks commemorating all the indigenous people who had died between 1788 and 1988 defending their land against invaders. Each tree trunk is a dupun or log coffin, which is used to mark the safe tradition of the soul of the deceased from this world to the next.

Säulen für den Garten - Gartenkeramik von Margit Hohenberger

Sally Russell, cool idea for around posts as a mosaic

Grafton Pottery Face Jugs