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Something Awful - Twisted Children's Books

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The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV , Stan Berenstain, Random House Books for Young Readers; First Edition edition

What? Haha I never had this one when I was little

Bad and Hilarious Book Titles

In light of the Adrian Peterson child abuse case the subject of corporal punishment has become a hot topic of discussion recently. Has corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool outlived it’s usefulness? If so, what are the effective alternative methods of discipline? If not, when does corporal punishment cross the line into child abuse?  #AdrianPeterson #ChildAbuse #CorporalPunishment #DisciplinaryMethods

Funny book fails – When innocence is bliss

Twisted Children's Books

Something Awful - Twisted Children's Books

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The Little Engine That Just Gave Up and Died ~ Classic Inappropriate Bad Children's Books:

Lol fake childrens books

The Berenstain Bears and No Guns Allowed by [Berenstain, Stan, Berenstain, Jan]

Books to Help Children Prepare for a Move

Los Osos Berenstain Dia De Mudanza: The Bear family decides it is time to move to a larger house.

inappropriate children's books | building 15 inappropriate children s books

Buildings 1-25

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs sticker book.


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I read everyone of these to my children 100 times a piece. And loved every moment.

The Berenstain Bears and the In-Crowd: Navigating the Choppy Waters of Social Relationships

What it's like to grow up

Eggs of Things: Anne Sexton’s 1963 Children’s Book

Horrible kids books retitled

Something Awful - Children's Books

No amount of coaxing would get Boy to drink his prune juice. Well he'll pay for his decision in the end.

No amount of coaxing would get Boy to drink his prune juice. Well he'll pay for his decision in the end.

LOL new titles for ya classics