Each popscicle stick has an activity on it {like spin 3x, jump rope, macarena, seat swap, etc...}. When I see that the kids are starting to fade away, I stop and say "man, our brains need to take a break...lets do a brain break." Then I randomly select a popsicle stick and we do the activity together. The kids absolutely go NUTS for these fun little activities. None last longer than a minute and it's a great way to get them focused!

Brain Break Sticks

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips. Great ideas for positive reinforcement, brain breaks, grouping kids and tons more.

Fun idea for class... For when they just can't leave it alone

Brain Breaks: An Energizing Time-Out | Scholastic.com

Instead of "read a book" use this!

Superhero themed brain breaks. Have kiddos imagine being superheroes when performing brain breaks! Pink Oatmeal

Flip Flop writing idea! Going to have to do this after Spring Break!!

Take a Break..and cool down!

Teaching decimals in a fun way, interactive way.

circle seats

Calming caddy

Map skills

*** LOVE THIS IDEA~ I will use it to put the students favorite MOVEMENT activities~ 1 can for k-1, one for 2-3 and one for 4-5*** Use in the music classroom. Put different movement vocabulary, locomotor and non-locomotor.

Today, my team and I had the pleasure of visiting another teacher in our district and they did some of the coolest brain breaks! Of course, I want to share them with YOU! I can't wait to show them to my kids! They will FREAK! Check these out!

Love this idea for storing those name sticks during whole group

Use popsicle sticks, tissue paper, and bulletin board borders to make birthday cupcakes. Birthday Book Club display idea!

Assessment Bulletin Board. The students can write something they learned on a post it note, and stick it to the door as they leave.

We are going to have a bright year! (glow sticks) Meet teacher night!