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this is how I want my hair to be ♥

Scene girls ™ SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. STOP BEING PRETTY. Gorgeous..actually. /:

I would never be able to pull this one off...

scene girl ok ive seen this pic a million times and i love it so much !!!!!!!! this girl is soo pretty and her eyes are beautiful!!!

follow me if u like it it, or like it if u dont

it's like all scene girls are models ._.

i used lavender light dye like this once and i didnt like the results :o you have to have white hair before hand -_-

Love the hair! Getting mine cut tomorrow. :-)

R.I.P Spongebob by punkieunicorn - Kandi Photos on Kandi Patterns

LOVING, Her hair color, tis brighter and a tetch more Pink then My own currently