DIY Dino Egg Soaps by redtedart: Brilliant! Kids will want to wash their hands! Just melt and pour. #DIY #Kids #Soap #Dinosaur

Dinosaur Egg Soap

Glitter Ocean Toy Soap

Making soap with kids is fun and easy (and clean). Learn how to use melt and pour base to make dinosaur-embedded soaps.

Plastic Eggs? Real Eggs? Want some fun and different crafty ideas... try these 10 Egg Craft Ideas - from Bathbombs to Candles to counting tools.

Making soap with toys inside.... Not sure I'd use a dark coloring but a pale pink or blue would be good.

Fun Kid Soaps - I made for my daughter, nieces, & nephews for Christmas - I scented them with spiced apple and added a tiny amount of green ultra fine glitter - directions on the link

Fun DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soaps - Great for DIY Kids Party Favors

How to make Lego soap with ice cube trays. An easy, fun stocking stuffer.

Soap Rocks with aloe, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender, vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Marble, malachite, tourmaline, jade, pink quartz, green agate.

Dinosaur face painting

A NEW way to make dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. With this new recipe, these magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs! Would be easy to make in the classroom too!

DIY Bath Bombs: Magic Hatching Dinosaur Eggs from Fun at Home with Kids

Just add water - and these MAGIC dinosaur eggs will fizz and bubble and hatch! A super fun sensory experience or add them to a bath because they double as fizzing bath bombs! From Fun at Home with Kids

These fireflies are super easy to make. Just pop a flameless LED tealight into a plastic Easter egg. You don't even need glue! Poke holes through the egg with a thumbtack to insert the pipe cleaners. The eyes are drawn onto white sticky labels, and the wings are silver duct tape. Quick, easy, and totally cute!

DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat. Easy costume or dress up for dinosaur theme week. Great for preschool or toddlers!

MAGIC hatching dinosaur eggs- these are so easy to make

How to make your own soap.

I turned a coffee table into a chalkboard canvas for my toddler | Offbeat Mama

Gorgeous soap rocks add a spa-like feel to any shower.

I like this idea for the kids. Soap and washcloth all in one.