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Charlie and Abi Hutton are more than just stars of the HUGH music video. They bring their own bold music choices even to the likes of Windsor Castle. Would you be bold enough to perform to Pink Floyd's "Money" before the Queen herself?! See the freestyle here:

I am particularly fond of this second freestyle, and Charlie Hutton’s decision to use a Pink Floyd medley at the Royal Windsor Horse Show (read about it here) this year, with a heavy focus on the song “Money.” Now that’s a message! I only wish the video itself was a bit better! Music starts at 1:35.

Charlie Hutton won the top class at the NAF Five Star national winter dressage championships held at Hartpury College in front of a packed crowd with this first freestyle. Here we see him preform it for comments by 3-time member of the British Olympic team, Richard Davison.

Is James Blunt back in the saddle again aboard a great pink pony for his latest music video? Inquiring Counter-Canter Culture minds had to know! Get the hard facts here:

Santigold sings “Hold The Line” at Coachella 100% Sound - Music for Horse Lovers

Find out how 100% Sound playlist artist Jay Z attempted to shake things up at the Belmont Stakes! Get the details here:

Get to know some famous and should be famous men of music and horses in this week's 100% Sound here:

Even after their crushing 7-1 defeat in the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilians can still feel pride in their beautiful equestrian culture. Case-in-point: The Rodrigos. Both the outstanding horsemanship of Rodrigo Pessoa and the talented songwriting process of Rodrigo Amarante exhibited in his solo release, Cavalo ((horse in Portuguese). Learn more about the music of Rodrigo Amarante and Cavalo here: