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Desktop Jellyfish Tank ... Can you believe it? Comes complete with like 3 months worth of jellyfish food. Costs around $ 400 though. Sigh.

Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Looking for a totally unique pet that will remind you to just keep swimming? How about a jellyfish you can keep on your desktop at work? We discovered this product when it was a top project on Kickstarter and won the Best Product award at the Global Pet Expo. It was just awesome enough for us to want several of our very own. We named them all Squishy, naturally...What a geek gift!

Jellyfish Tank - It’s the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish, with a special filter and it’s as easy to maintain as a regular fish tank. Jellyfish can’t go in a regular fish tank because they get sucked into the filtration intakes and liquefied.