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Wormholes – Science Fiction May Be Real

worm holes | black hole might actually be a wormhole – a gateway to another ...

Black Holes + Wormholes = Quantum Answers

Entangled black holes = black holes connected by a wormhole. That equation, if it holds true, may mean a new a path to understanding the quantum underpinnings of space-time. It's an idea that may be really, really important, or just another dead end. It is impossible to say just yet. In the meantime, there is no way of getting around how cool it is to think about this idea. And if it turns out to be the key to the first warp drive, just remember: you heard it here first!

Quantum Supergravity Could Explain Weirdness of Black Holes

What are White Holes? I personally think white holes are on the other side of black holes. Black holes suck energy in and white hole on other end, either in a different universe or dimension spews energy out. Like a big bang!!!

Einstein's gravitational waves 'seen' from black holes

For the first time, scientists have detected tiny, rhythmic distortions in space and time - gravitational waves - predicted by Einstein 100 years ago.