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  • Trisha North ☕

    Recycled denim place mat/ silverware holders. :-O :-)

  • Kimberly Baxter

    Recycled Denim Coasters and Table Setting Mat - Channeling a cool, country western aesthetitic Heidi created a set of coasters from the seams of her old jeans, turning the rest of her trousers into a clever mat perfect for any table setting. A strong believer in recycling every part of old denim, you can hand her a pair of overalls covered in paint, or a pair of shorts torn beyond use, and she’ll find something crafty to do with it!

  • Chrissy Olinger

    recycled blue jean place mat, coasters

  • Julie Browning

    Contests, denim challenge, denim recycling, denim upcycling, eco-fashion, eco-friendly denim, eco-friendly jeans, Ecouterre contest, Gap, Gap 1969 Stream, Gap Style Stream Gap Stylestream, green fashion, green jeans, recycled clothing, recycled denim, recycled denim challenge, recycled fashion, recycled jeans, recycled your jeans, sustainable style, upcycled clothing, upcycled denim, upcycled fashion, upcycled jeans

  • Patty Davenport

    COOL ideas for old jeans 5 Cool Ideas for Old Jeans

  • Jessica Tregear

    Made from recycled denim jeans. How awesome is that!?

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Degan said this and I say the same thing: "Yeah, in my dream house, we'd have outdoor banquets with moss coming out of everything. We'd be so decadent."

strong glue words that build up soft . well worn jeans..Levis mostly an almost opaque shade of white wash how torn paper looks . sounds . feels falling from pages smooth wood . resting in the palm of your hand a delicate yet abstract crack an unraveled heart or two