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Espalier is a horticultural technique of pruning and grafting used together to train trees to create two-dimensional forms with the branches. This technique was originally developed during the Middle Ages as a way to grow fruit trees within castle walls


Light peers through the trees onto a pathway in a Garden in Nikko, Japan. Japanese Gardens capture humanities bond with nature, Bloom by Omnisax celebrates this in design.

Espalier tunnel, photo: Justin Stelter. - this would be an amazing way to keep an orchard. I could see this being very long! Olives, apples, oranges, lemons, limes, pears oh my!

River Road Farms Espalied Tree Arbor- I would love to learn the art of espalier trees.

Espalier fruit trees enclosing veg garden or other area in yard?...interesting concept

Monet's espaliered apple trees in Giverny-- beautiful and practical! One of my favorite "aha" moments.was discovering the apple fence.

I fell in love with this at the Children's garden in Huntington Gardens, Pasadena.  It's mini for the kiddos, I want one my size for me and my friends to play in:)

This is a great idea for a chicken house in the garden. Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.


Espaliered Crab Apple Trees on a Brick Wall - delight by design: garden variety inspiration