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  • Yasmin Estrada

    Helping Hand

  • Michael Maehl

    Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world. red and yellow, black and white they are precious in HIS sight ♥

  • LeTeisha Newton

    Inspiring Quotes: Leadership

  • ART 100 Class

    16. This picture shows unity because of the use of multiple hands doing the same thing, which is holding hands. The artist did this in order to show that color of skin does not matter.

  • Gitte Daphne Lætgaard Tinning

    Pantone, hands, fingers, gesture, love, colourful, holding hands, beauty, photo

  • Dawn Louise

    Whether, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc., we must try to let along with one another.

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A great visual to show values and the variety of skin colors. No one is white or black. Love it.

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