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Christ Has Returned! The Bible says we would not know the Day or the Hour of His return, but it DID prophesy the YEAR He would return. THEN, HE ACTUALLY DID APPEAR EXACTLY WHEN PROPHESIED! This video lays out these Bible prophecies and explains Bible prophecy mathematics. Review the evidence that the Thief in the Night has come. And where yo...

February 6th 2013 Breaking news North Korea threats of NUCLEAR-MISSILE-STRIKE USA. Reza Kahlili continues to provide fresh details form his sources of the number of dead, wounded and missing from the up to 200 in the chamber at the time of the event. Some of the dead include members of the 14 or 16 man delegation from North Korea

December 3, 2012 | Schedule | John Batchelor Show. Gordon Chang,, in re: There's much speculation about why North Korea is trying to orbit a satellite now, so soon after the catastrophic failure of the same launcher on April 13 of this year. Nobody thinks the North’s technicians have had time to fix the flaws that led to the explosion that occurred approximately 90 seconds into the flight. We may never know why the North Koreans chose this time to launch

Obama Must Know All:Buried in 800 pg. immigration bill facing Congress, DHS will collect biometric data on everyone--not just immigrants.Measurements of your face, details of iris & smile shape.Name, age, ssn & photo of everyone with driver's license or state ID. Database used by employers. Not in database? Not allowed to work. Permission to do or restrict certain activities. Medical records & info about us shared in real-time. In near future your health coverage will be part of your tax…

US Fed Court Hits Obama with 3 charges of abuse of office. The charges are detailed & damning & indictments assert Obama “acted as a dictator” to exceed his powers of office & appoint officials behind the back of Congress during a recess period. Lyndon Larouche, well-connected journalist & political activist characterized the court’s assessment as “probably the greatest indictment ever seen on a standing president in history.” Republicans are looking to set impeachment proceedingsin motion.

Congress should be taking him to task, but they are all balless in the face of obama's threats, Don't they see if we work together we have nothing to fear?

Transparency is the Thing This Century Spoke to John Bolton, AEI, in re the Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Eric Schmidt of Google embassy to Pyongyang, North Korea, and we puzzled as to what to say about this scale of diplomatic stunt. The still photos and the video are propaganda gems for the DPRK. John Bolton opines that a charitable explanation is that Eric Schmidt is naive of the international threat presented by the nuke-armed and ICBM selling North Korean predatory state.

Isaiah made a further startling prediction regarding Babylon: “She will never be inhabited.” (Isaiah 13:19,20) To predict permanent desolation for a sprawling city occupying a strategic location was bold indeed. You would normally expect that such a city would be rebuilt if ruined. Although Babylon lingered on for a while after its conquest, Isaiah’s words eventually came true. Today the site of ancient Babylon “is flat, hot, deserted and dusty,” reports Smithsonian magazine.

Unclassified Benghazi, To Be Continued | John Batchelor Show. ... Result: Syria is a freefire zone of gangsters just as much as Anwar Province of Iraq was during the 2004-2007 Iraq War. The theory is that you set a fire to stop a fire. The facts are that you cannot control the Devils and their understudies. The Jihadists and their Islamist masters play the Obama team for soft touches and credulous pashas.

Stalemate Spring Syria | John @John Batchelor The shooters at Tel Fares were likely Quds Force stooges just out for some afternoon fun; and they got a missile for their high-jinks. Then again, am told that if NATO does move to unseat Assad, that the Quds Force will tun on its Nusra teams and provoke Israel into a regional war. The Spring arrives with warnings north and south, east (StateSec Kerry warning Iraqi PM Maliki not to permit Iran to use Iraq as a conduit to Syria, shrug) and west…

Monday 03/25/13 Batchelor Third Hour | John @John Batchelor @Reza_Kahlili, author, A Time to Betray, in re: The Quds site, 24 km from Fordow (which mysteriously collapsed) has three facilities: One is similar to Fordow, being 370 ft deep, doing weaponization of uranium; also has enough Pn for several bombs; construction began same time as Fordow, they have same capacity: 8,000 centrifuges.

Rocket Room | John Batchelor Show. The Syrian rebels are the same jihadist crew we saw in Iraq 2003-2008, and the Nusrah Front in Eastern Syria is the Zarqawi model reawakened in Syria. Syria is descending into the sort of lawlessness that damages all neighboring governments, including Jordan, Israel and Turkey. Am told there is nothing quick about the descent;

Thursday 02/07/13 Batchelor Fourth Hour | John Batchelor Show includes the strategic bombardment efforts of Great Britain, Germany, and Russia, as he places the topic into a larger context and also covers air-to-surface and surface-to-surface missiles. More than a chronological narrative, this study offers a critical analysis and concludes by calling into question the value of strategic bombardment." Death from the Heavens: A History of Strategic Bombing by Kenneth P. Werrell;

December 6, 2012 | Schedule | John Batchelor Show. Thursday 935P Eastern Time: Stephen Cohen, NYU, in re: Sergei Magnitsky idenitfied theft on a grand scale within the Kremlin; then was imprisoned on spurious charges and died in prison at the age of 37. William Browder, a once-successful businessman in Russia, now in UK, hired Magnitsky was his lawyer. The Magnitsky Bill passed today, with the East Euro. missile defense activities, may have tipped us into a new Cold War.

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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Container Ship Carrying U.S. Weapons for Obama's Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks... Possible Russian Attack...

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Container Ship Carrying U.S. Weapons For Obama's Syrian Rebels Splits In Half/Sinks... Possible Russian Attack... June 22, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'll be gone all day, unable to post this show as I normally do. I depend on YOU to do your part for liberty and share my videos. You know what is about to go down, that's why you watch my show - so you can stay "situationally aware and informed." Don't your friends and family deserve to be warned too? The time for worrying about ...

❥ The Jewish holidays (holy days) are coming soon... the Feast of Trumpets... will the church be taken up? Watch this video~`

Islam ..the spirit of anti-christ - -- If you haven't seen this before, please check out some great videos on this that I have pinned or check YouTube.