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Bare tree against dark sky

The contrast in colors between the sky and tree seem to make the tree glow even though it is a relatively dull color. It seems to be creating cracks in the sky with its branches Bare tree against dark sky

Garden art   garden

Behold the ultimate tree house! What: The Patient Gardener project using ten Japanese cherry trees Where: School campus in Milan, Italy Who: Designed by Swedish architects Visiondivision Why: A two-story treehouse study retreat for students. The vision: a

.I want this in my back yard

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Japan This plant, a wisteria, is a vine. Notice the grid work up above that the plant was trained on. This vine will pull down a brick wall so don't plant it against your house.

(source: roxymusic) Even though everyone has their own favorite season, it's hard to deny the beauty and majesty of mother nature throughout the year. Whet

Visually Celebrating Earth's Changing Seasons

DIY beauty & Face masks : Changing on my Environment Board…

My South is Country... and Country Club. Debutantes... and Denim. Young... and Old. Wealthy... and Not...

I can see the spirits of those who lived here long ago!~~The Illuminated Path ~ a foggy road at sunrise illuminates a tree, magical vanishing point landscape, Cades Cove, Tennessee by Beautiful Picture!


Amazing boabab tree ♥ People in Europe and North America are beginning to realize that Baobab Fruit Pulp is among the most nutrient-dense foods in all.

via Julie Craig:

Metasequoia Glyptostroboides(Dawn Redwood Tree) The Perfect Climbing Tree!

Tree of life

1500 year old 'Angel Oak' in Charleston, South Carolina. (Charleston has tons of year old live oak trees, it's gorgeous.