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To all the Mom's who have a beautiful baby but not a bikini body. Where your children worth it?

Hey Mom, I know you probably won't be about to wear that bikini again, but I promise, I'm worth it. I never was a bikini person, but my babies are totally worth it!


I just pooped

He is so ready to get this life stuff started! this photo of unkown baby just makes me smile.

You sit down with your child after school to look at any notes that came home and to help them with their homework, when all of a sudden you notice a strange looking plastic object protruding out of their backpack.  “What is this” you ask your child as you hold the foreign object in your hands.  Excitedly your child answers, “it’s my recorder from music class and we get to bring it home to practice” …

Does My Child REALLY Need to Learn the Headache Inducing Recorder

Learning the recorder may cause headaches, but it is important to learn how to play it. There are many benefits for kids who learn the recorder.

& you're just a nosey bitch.

A friend will be the designated driver. A best friend will hold your hair while you vomit on your ex's car. Happy B-day Bestie!



Excited to go wine tasting this weekend; on my couch. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Excited to go wine tasting this weekend; on my couch.

Vintage Sign Shack - Ephemera Childproofed House Sign, $9.95 (http://www.vintagesignshack.com/ephemera-childproofed-house-sign.html)

Ephemera Childproofed House Sign

Ephemera - I child-proofed my house but they still get in. - "I child-proofed my house but they still get in. Tin Sign W x H

boy and girl twin Halloween costume. so adorable! If i had a boy and girl twin I'd totally do this!