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'Heroine' in safe zone: Madhur Bhandarkar

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ISIS Has Committed Genocide, Kerry Declares

Secretary of State John Kerry to Declare ISIS Committed Genocide #U_S_A_ #iNewsPhoto


Pennsylvania County Launches ‘Safe Space’ for Craigslist Transactions

Philadelphia’s Montgomery County plans to reduce Craigslist-related crimes by establishing what FOX 29 Philly calls “one of the nation’s first Craigslist Transaction Safe Zones.”

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'The Walking Dead' recap: The wolves hit home, and Alexandria is put to the test

The horn blaring at the end of “First Time Again” put a major dent in Rick’s plan to shift a quarry full of walkers away from Alexandria. But there’s more than an undead horde shambling toward town that threatens their idyllic safe zone — the wolves. And they’re striking with a ferocity to which the people of Alexandria aren’t quite accustomed.

My New Moon Tarot reading. 1. Moon Energies - The Five of Wands - should keep my mouth under control. 2. Energy Assist - Page of Pentacles - get reconnected and keep is simple 3. Goals - Queen of Wands - Shine on 4. Drift - The Ten of Pentacles - interesting card, maybe staying too much in my safe zone. 5. Advice - The Three of Pentacles - get help. Level up. Don't be afraid of the commitment it is going to take. Trust.

Intrinsically safe alarm horn sounders for Zone 0 Signalling

Thousands of women have been raped by ISIS and Boko Haram, and are now pregnant as a result. Demand funding to provide access to safe abortions for women in the areas that have been impacted by these groups' reigns of sexual violence.

How To End Exposure Problems and Master Metering Modes in 5 Minutes

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Anti-Semitism spikes on U.S. campuses

It's been a half-century since the Free Speech Movement was born on the steps of Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley, inspiring nationwide protests and creating the principle of unfettered expression on campus.