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Within you is the power to rise above any situation…

Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the brightest, strongest version of you ever!

“If it were not for collectors, England would be full, so to speak, of rare birds and wonderful butterflies, strange flowers and a thousand interesting things."

”Life Lessons From A Butterfly!: let go of the past… trust the future… live for today! ....embrace change… come out of the cocoon… unfurl your wings… dare to get off the ground… ride the breezes… put on your brightest colors… let your beauty show….” (Laurie Kaplowitz)

Sunflowers and butterflies will soon be gone .... Fall and winter will soon settle in ??!!..... It will be a good time to stay in ... chat with your Pinterest friends and pin ..!!??? Lol lol Oooooooo. : o ) ENJOY !!!.... : )

Erte sculptures (Tyrtova Roman) - Madame Buretfly - Erte - one of the most colorful characters of the twentieth century art scene. Artist fashion, graphic artist, author and sculptor of theatrical costumes, he remained in the history of the art of our century as the brightest representative of Art Deco. Real name of one of the most successful artists of the twentieth century - Roman Petrovich Tyrtov. Descendant of an old Russian family, he became known around the world under the pseudonym…

Rustic Lighted Flower and Butterfly Lantern Terrarium

Rustic Lighted Flower and Butterfly Lantern by ForeverTerrariums, $60.00 - But I think I could just make something like this out of leftover wedding decorations.

Free Pattern Friday: Butterfly Quilt, Vegan Cake Recipe & More!

t’s springtime crafters, and we can’t wait to share our brightest and most colorful patterns, all for FREE! From fun quilt blocks to sewing lacy unmentionables, check out these free patterns and watch your project collection grow with the spring flowers!