A zip-line from the 1920's.



Laugh and enjoy life..


Photographer Unknown Gymnastics, lose weight. Group fat women undergoing slimming course in a courtyard in New York, 1920s.

Grace Robertson - On the Caterpillar: “The delight, abandon, and terror of these ladies as they rumble down a rollercoaster in Clapham in England’s grim post-war years throbs with life.”

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1920s. I've always wondered what life was like then. Were the parties as fabulous as Gatsby portrays.

'Young Women at Fair' ~ United Kingdom (1938) • photo: Kurt Hutton

Teens on a movie date night, 1957

Vintage treadmills 1920s

dancing together - photographer?


"The Last Kiss" WWII

Vintage Cameras

vintage photo - boy with two life-size dolls

flapper | 1920s | vintage photography.

hollyhocksandtulips: Gas station service attendants, 1920s

In the rain 1950's vintage photo | umbrellas. This photo makes me happy.