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Ernst Haeckel's biological drawings - Art Forms in Nature, design squish blog

Ernst Haeckel's Natural Form:Moss, Lichens, and Fungus

Penguin First Edition Handbook published in 1961.Cover design by Hans Unger.

"The Condemned of Altona", author, Jean Paul Sartre. Cover design: Paul Rand / Vintage Books, 1963.

Dining Out In the Country NYC c1954 by Javier Garcia Design, via Flickr

Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany - information leaflet, c1936, via Flickr.

Own 3 similar to this, but in German. Beautiful little books with technical illustrations of the species: butterflies, shells, and birds. Would love to add this to the collection.

1964, slovak book cover for Ťažké položenie by Božena Slančíková-Timrava