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Magi the labyrinth of magic by Senkuu

Is red haired Ren family.Ren Kougyoku, Ren Kouha, Ren Koumei, Ren Kouen Magi the labyrinth of magic

I got: Royalty! What are you in Magi: The Labirynth/Kingdom of Magic

What are you in Magi: The Labirynth/Kingdom of Magic

Magic - Kouen

Magic - Kouen

magi, anime, and manga -kuva

Ren Family (and Judal) from Magi: the labyrinth (kingdom) of magic



aik0t0ba:hayarashi:aik0t0ba:Kouen, you are so adorbs. ^w^(By the way, this is an official omake from Ootaka Shinobu. ❤️)This is not an omake, just a page from a doujinshi (that was translated by me) Oh no… I have been mistakenly informed. O_O I found this from an album named Ootaka’s backstage. Had me fooled with other official art inside!Thanks for the correction & glad I can source the translation now!!It’s alright; you didn’t know about that. All of those who translate oma...

I translate stuff to improve my Japanese (mostly Magi-related for the time.

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MAGI the labyrinth of magic: Hakuryuu, Judar, Kougyoku, Kouen,Koumei and Kouha

Labyrinth of Magic. MAGI 260 página 1 (Cargar imágenes: 10) - Leer Manga en Español gratis en NineManga.com

magi: the labyrinth of magic ren gyokuen ohtaka shinobu official art scan manga cover bent knees blue eyes braid female looking at viewer mature woman mole mother sitting smile solo sword tied hair twin braids weapon