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Empty Pool

An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool in the Neterlands (Tropicana Rotterdam)

Empty Pool

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester, NY, USAAfter the swimming pool was closed down it became storage for dozens of chairs and desks alike.

6 | Unexpectedly Sublime Photos Of Empty Motel Pools | Co.Design: business innovation design

Trees take root inside empty silos, and and finally peek out of the top -- like this one in Lawrence, Kansas.

Off The Deep End: 12 Abandoned Swimming Pools; Graffiti Bowl – Two Guns, AZ, USA

Empty swimming pool.

yes. with lots of adult beverages and skateboards.

The abandoned swimming pool is about all that’s left of the old Rose Island Amusement Park, destroyed in the 1930’s when the Ohio River flooded. After all these years, it still holds water. twhrider (Louisville)

abandoned swimming pool

Abandoned swimming pool

the beauty of an empty pool

Abandoned Swimming Pool

Freaks. me . out. Empty swimming pools. And abandoned empty ones?! Times it by 10. Abandoned swimming pool. Grossinger's Resort, The Catskills, New York


old pool

Convent and abandoned pool (You don't expect a pool to be part of a convent!)

Forgotten pool.

empty pool...