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The Praystation - Imgur

I've never seen such truer words on a bumper sticker. - Imgur


Religion - turning people into arseholes... - Imgur

My grandma sent me a message on facebook a few minutes ago. I almost cried. - Imgur

Saw this outside of a church today. Oh the irony. it burns. It really burns. - Imgur

I'm surprise the Arizona Republic published this Letter to the Edditor - Imgur

Happy Birthday to Katharine Hepburn. She was an amazing actress and atheist, who was ahead of her time. - Imgur


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just sayin'...

God fight!

Ricky Gervais is just a never ending source of logic and awesome - Imgur

Stop branding the brains of children!

Moving coming out letter. This is how every atheist I know feels, including myself. Beautiful.


The evolution of "traditional marriage"

Am I the only one who finds Tim Minchin a sexy SOB?

There is a difference.