for the whole year!

Make reading more fun by creating a reading challenge- reading in different places.

Spelling homework for the year

I created this punch card for my kids to use during my managed independent learning time. They must do something from each color every day. After t... # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Reading Response Home Reading Log

End of the year poem. Replace "day" with "year"

Love this! Seems a bit young, but I think it is good for some upper grades. Even has student copy in google doc.

Parent Letters for How they can help at home with reading!

Posted learning task procedures. For example, Daily 5: Read to Self

On the Reading Anchor Chart

Flexible Small Groups Reading Folder Kit and this for truly flexible guided grouping!

Kids will love this! Guided reading idea to start.

cool alternative to a reading log :)

Another option for keeping anecdotal records.

The site has a content area reading passage and questions for each week of the school year for grades 1-5. That would allow you to pull for passages for your higher and lower readers!

Story mapping with Post-Its! - that way you can reuse poster all year

Already thinking about next year...

Reading Fair instead of Science Fair! Awesome! Kids can make at home and bring to school. Love this idea!

T is for Teaching: Universal Homework Model

Reading activities

This is a great idea for a poster to put up in your classroom to discuss with the students how to think when reading. It covers 6 ways to think while reading; summarize, question, connect, infer, visualize, and predict. I would make this poster and put it up in my classroom to help model thinking and guide my students thinking process while reading.