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Smart way to keep dog bowls out of the way/out of child's reach.

Smart way to keep dog bowls out of the way.I thinks that my dogs would miss pushing the bowls around the floor. My poodles would probably close the drawer and the Kelpie would pull it out of the cabinet when the bowls are empty!

This is just so genius.

Great Idea - cutting board with a hole to compost bin below. - cutting board with hole to compost bin. Makes clean up super easy!

Doggie door with style

Cutest dog door entrance ever! I need a dog to go with it. Unless we make it a cat door. four-legged-and-furry

Fire Escape Ladder : built in between the studs of every room second level or higher room. #Safety #fireescape

Fire Escape ladder built-in to kids room, if not every room. smart idea for kids rooms on second floor.

Never get inadvertently splashed again with this pet shower curtain.

28 Ingenious Things For Your Dog You Had No Idea You Needed

A shower curtain with built-in gloves - so you can bathe your dog without getting wet every time she shakes! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. If you can't teach your dog when to shake and when not to, then your dog has YOU trained.

Im doing this.

A cute idea for all the dog moms out there who would FREAK out if your "baby" went missing.

DIY pet feeding station out of an old dresser. Dogs on bottom, cats on top, plenty of storage. ....this is kind of awesome, we could do just the cats on top and all the pet equipment in the drawers with a slightly lower dresser so the cat food can't be reached by the baby.

Repurpose old dresser. Put dog food in lower drawer (Lined with plastic trash bag) Keep cat food in a vintage tin on top. Keep brushes, toys and meds in small baskets inside other drawers. Hang shelves above and store treats in vintage tins or glass jars.

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain  This is the outdoor pet fountain that automatically dispenses water when a dog is present. A built-in sonar proximity sensor detects a dog’s presence within 3′ and across a 40° angle, automatically turns on the water, and turns it off when the pet leaves. The unit simply attaches to a garden spigot and emits a gentle stream of cool, fresh water that entices dogs to drink more often than standing wat

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain - Hammacher Schlemmer I think we might need this in our new yard for our hopefully soon to be bernadoodle! - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Pet Feeder Station, This is the only one I can find that still makes this, $299.00   Sad! LTD commodities had it for like $40

Pet Feeder Station

Enjoy the convenience of food, leash, and toy storage, plus a feeding station: I super love this idea of all the dog/pet stuff in one place.

Pet-cam that lets you video chat with your pet while you're away. AND dispenses treats!

A pet-cam that lets you video chat with your pet when you’re at work. You can also set it up to give him a treat! This is ridiculous and I need it so I can video chat my dog while I am in Oklahoma and she is in Plano!