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Better than a birthday poster taking up wall space...student's birthday pencil is removed on their birthday and it's empty by the end of the year!

This is how I display birthdays. They are called "birthday blooms". I write the name of the student on them with their birthday. They get the pencil on their birthday. They LOVE it!

Clever way to make signs stand up! Teachers... we have billions of these clips! One of those simple solutions ... hello - why ... pinned with Pinvolve - pinvolve.co

Decorative Classroom Signs using jumbo size binder clips as stands. Great idea to use for student name tags above the kids artwork as the artist label

pixie stick bouquet as an inexpensive gift..

Birthday Pixie Stick Balloons: make a class set at the beginning of the year, and you're all set for birthday celebrations for the entire school year

use masking tape on a ziplock bag to create  a pouch for a binder.

Use masking tape and hole punch a ziplock bag into student folders to hold library books and flash cards! Or use pencil pouches.

This would be so handy. And it's so cute!

classroom birthday ideas or to help you remember birthdays of extended family, friends, etc.


25 Things to Sew for Back to School

fight against fidgeting using these 24 YouTube videos that are perfect for brain breaks!

Fight Against Fidgeting! videos to stop kids from fidgeting in class. Let them get all of their energy out through exercise songs.

Classroom rewards are always good!! Children need positive reinforcement and this is a good way to reward good behavior. It doesn't seem very hard to make because most of the items you could find at the dollar store or anywhere.

Classroom rewards (no link)- glow sticks, crazy straws, pencils-- non candy rewards are always good!