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Snapshots from Japan: The Tokyo Cocktail Scene

Watching top bartenders in Tokyo, I think of the Japanese tea ceremony, with its elaborate details and rules. Both reflect what Japanese call kodawari, which translates roughly to a striving for unreachable perfection achieved through relentless practice, repetition, and extreme attention to detail.

Harry Potter Etymology | Patronus Charm (“Expecto Patronum”) Patronus means “protector”, “guardian”, or simply “patron” in Latin, specifically reflecting the entire role that the Patronus Charm plays. The Latin word exspecto or expecto means “I look out for” or “I wait for”, thus the charm’s incantation roughly translates into “I await a protector.”

During a boisterous #Passover #Seder with her extended family, Sabiha Ziluf, 75, paused and said softly that she could still see the #Baghdad streets of her childhood. “I would love to visit Bab al-Sharji,” she said, referring to an old neighborhood near where her aunt lived. Ms. Ziluf, whose first name translates roughly to “morning” in #Arabic, is one of countless #Iraqi #Jews in #Israel taking fresh interest in a heritage once considered unseemly, even shameful.

Amatuer Belgian Photographer Jozef Borrenbergen took this photo in 1950. His caption roughly translates to "In a Row" or a Paris Rowset