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broaddi on

@broaddi - @BrittanyFerries we love the Breton specialities that can be found at every market :) #ForAnyone

Lucy CT on

@hoogervaaner - @BrittanyFerries I love hunting out my lunch in the amazing La Boqueria market in Barcelona #ForAnyone

John Stuart Firth on

@jsfirth48 - @BrittanyFerries Fresh fruit and veg all year in Spanish local markets. #ForAnyone

Vicky on

@toddvic - @BrittanyFerries love these old wine crates that we found in St Sever flee market. #ForAnyone

@happyhooe - @BrittanyFerries we love eat like the locals with a "takeaway" lunch bought from the morning market #ForAnyone

🐬🐚Lady Summerisle🐚🐋 on

@aprilhaddock - @BrittanyFerries #ForAnyone Love France’s petit déjeuner with fresh baguettes, great markets and giant garlic.

Anne B on

@Anneceebee - @BrittanyFerries Spanish cured meats - the best in the world! #ForAnyone

Vicky on

@toddvic - @BrittanyFerries #ForAnyone who likes these tasty sausages from the local French market.

Maker151 on

@Maker151 - @BrittanyFerries fabulous local produce in markets in Northern Spain :) #ForAnyone

Bethany Radbourne on

@bkradbourne - @BrittanyFerries Nothing beats the fresh fruit and veg from a French market stall. #ForAnyone