Color added to iconic photos in history- really brings them to life

Anne Frank statue, Amsterdam

Anne Frank

anne frank

The Kiss color photo

Monk color photo


Adding Color To Iconic Photos. This really makes an impact.

Nuclear Bomb in Colour.

Amazing Photos From History That Most People Have Never Seen Before

colorful boats #boats #color #colors #colorful


Street art

The History of Photography (Infographic). See it here:

saved for a rainy day

Same place, different time. It would be cool to do something like this with pictures of ancestors.

These three girls were part of a group of 8 former slaves sent to the North on a publicity tour to raise sympathy against slavery. One of the major reasons for the great success of this campaign was that four of the children were of mixed race.....but looked white. So much so that the Harper's Weekly ran a story on them titled" "Emancipated Slaves: White and Colored

This picture shows color because there is many different colors surrounding the eye. The different colors create a different feeling. When I look at the blue and red its more sad but on the other side with the yellow its brighter and happier.