Basic shampoo for natural hair you can customize to your hairtype! 1/4 cup (60ml) distilled Water or Herbal infusion (see below)   1/2 cup (120ml) liquid Castile Soap   1/4 tsp Vitamin E (or 1 capsule)   5 drops Grapefruit Seed extract   Essential Oil Blend for your hair type   Optional: 1/4 teaspoon Grapeseed oil (don't use if your hair is oily or fine; it may make your hair greasy)

This tea tree oil facial wash recipe makes a nice daily facial cleanser. Why not make your own homemade cleanser and save money!

2 Tbsp. vegetable glycerin 1 cup Dr. Bronners castile soap, unscented 20-30 drops essential oil 1/2 cup water coconut oil (optional)

Homemade Bubble Bath with only 4 simple ingredients! Stop wasting money on expensive bubble bath! Great for kids or even babies! You'll wonder why you never made this before! All natural & skin-softening.

Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo... @Olivia Merrill check this out! We need to try this

How To Make Your Own Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk Shampoo

Homemade Coconut Shampoo Recipe cup coconut milk (you can either make your own, or use store-bought) cup liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) 1 tsp vitamin E, olive or almond oil 10 to 20 drops your choice of essential oils

natural makeup remover

DIY Face Care Recipes ~ natural makeup remover - heck yes! Out of eye makeup remover and I keep forgetting to buy more. But I already have all these ingredients!

Whipped Magnesium Body Butter from The Paleo Mama

Whipped Magnesium Body Butter

This whipped magnesium body butter uses magnesium oil which is so beneficial for promoting a restful sleep, relieving aches and pains

DIY 101 for using water or water-based ingredients in your homemade products.....ALWAYS use distilled!

DIY 101 - Working With Water. GREAT info about adding water for all of the DIY recipes we find online (candles, cooking sprays, soaps, etc) - Crunchy Betty website

Homemade Essential oil lip balm #oils4everyone

Homemade Natural Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss that doesn't use Vaseline or a double boiler. 1 teaspoon paraffin wax 4 teaspoons coconut oil 4 teaspoons petroleum jelly 4 white or pink (or whatever color you like) candy melts teaspoon oil-based candy flavoring

Blending Essential Oils For Beginners | Growing Up Herbal

How to blend essential oils yourself; regarding top notes, oil properties, etc. also a list of good places to buy essential oils online.

Je prends soin de moi avec des senteurs que j'aime. Sur ma peau, dans mon bain, dans les draps de mon lit, dans mes vêtements, etc.

How to Make Lavender Oil at Home in 6 Simple Steps

How to Make Lavender Oil at Home One of the most popular multi-purpose essential oils is lavender oil. Learning how to make lavender oil at home is an extremely easy process. herb, 1 c olive oil, 6 hrs in oven