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#spiritsays: There is no need to stand in long lines in the summer heat just waiting to give your ticket to the taker. Life is every bit a carnival ride, and we are your seat belt helping you hold on to your cookies.


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I was jumping up and down screaming when I read this part. The book flew across the room I ran after it hoping I dint lose my page. Then my mom came in thinking I was dying.

"There’s moments like when Beverly Katz comes to visit him in the institution, and he thinks she’s actually there as his friend, and then there’s that little heartbreaking moment where he realizes that she’s just there to use him to help solve a case, and you see the loneliness for the first time and the disappointment, and it’s so effective. That was one of the standout nuances that Hugh really impressed me with." — Bryan Fuller ||| Hannibal 2x01 "Kaiseki"