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This mosaic was made from 1099 individual photographs of circles, photographed by 265 talented individuals. It was constructed algorithmically by Jim Bumgardner The photographs are arranged in a fibonacci spiral. If you count the number of spirals in each direction, the result will be two successive numbers in the fibonacci series. Enlarge to view

made of buttons. josh and i want to make one whole wall in our living room all covered in buttons. wonder if we should do a circle pattern like this or just random? - Easy Diy Home Decor

Gorgeous peacock feather made with buttons and crystals

Peacock Feather Button Art Button & Swarovski Art- so does it go on the button board or the peacock board?

Кнопка искусства - художественное произведение Nola Fell  _  Button Art - Artwork of Nola Fell

Button Art - Artwork of Nola Fell

ガラクタが見事に変身!このリサイクルアート、驚きしかない - NAVER まとめ

ガラクタが見事に変身!このリサイクルアート、驚きしかない - NAVER まとめ

Tree of Life

"This idea is simple but creates a fabulous textural piece of art. The kids will have such fun. They could create smaller pictures for things like cards/invitations and everything up to large art pieces for the bedroom wall!" // looks like fun :)